The capacitor and The collocation of capacitor
Issue Time:2016-05-06

In this section, we will give you something about the collocation of electrolytic capacitors and film capacitor.Method and the results are used in this article the test results for yourself, listen to the friends of such data can't be seen in other places, and that is why are the result of your test, so there may be some omissions and even the wrong place, welcome to correct.

In an electrical appliance, especially in the CD, capacitance plays a huge role, because in the audio equipments, the dosage of the capacitance is considerable, especially in the middle of the CD, and many integrated block is a must choice hardly, unlike amplifier amplification in the tube, can have many choices, so in the CD, once the integration piece of fixed, you can choose only capacitance and resistance, the resistance of voice sound is much smaller than the effect of capacitance, capacitance is our top priority.The role of the resistance is relative small, of course, such as the input and output resistance of equipment is larger, the influence of but has little effect on other resistance.

Now that need a lot of capacitance in the equipment, then a series of problems arise, so many brands should use which one?The capacitance and the match?In domestic equipment, the designer is not much attention to these problems, especially for a problem research is less, this is a direct result of homebred equipment while on the chip and amplifier tube and foreign equipment is similar, but sound obvious low a class of important reasons.Through my test to see if your CD player decoding filtering chips for cs4390, cs8412, cs8414, pcm1732, PMD - 100, PMD - 200, op-amp is not lower than opa2604, so your machine after back capacitance is tie-in, voice will have the huge change, can easily beat the original machine.Here I am in CD as an example to illustrate the selection and collocation of capacitance.

Want to elaborate collocation of capacitance in the machine, in addition to you have enough capacity, high-quality goods must also have an important prerequisite, that is you should have a sufficiently sensitive ears, because in this process, the instrument can provide help is very limited, especially in the area of film capacitors, commonly used instruments can hardly play a role, this time all by your evaluation standard and ears to check.With fixed capacitor with large capacity of capacitance, and then the capacity of small capacitance respectively, then each location may have several brands of capacitance for you to choose from, in addition to patiently contrast you don't have a better choice.When you put every fixed capacitor, still must do the work of a reverse, that is your added small capacitance respectively in growing up order down again, see if the sound is change, because we are a new combination of capacitor from multiple places, there may be overlap, such modification of sound so this last step is indispensable.If you take away the one capacitor, voice has not changed, that is to say you modify the overlap, you have decorated in other places to play you take the role of the capacitor, the capacitance can take out, if sound after removed the capacitance variation, then the capacitance is required, the capacitance will be retained.Also need to remind everybody is, capacitance after installation, use the voice for a period of time will be a subtle change, in general, at first sound voice thick capacitance would later become thin, sound fine capacitance use after a period of time will become rough, so don't jumping to conclusions, installed after listen to simple or patience to talk on through.

Both design a equipment or modification to understand that everything we do is to restore the signal, we decorate just when the signal does not complete reduction by means of necessity.So when the machine, you must follow such a principle, the farther from the final output signal, the more you want to consider reduction problem, and where the closer from the output side, by this time the signal has been the inevitable distortion and deformation, can consider cosmetic problem at this moment.

Need to start work in CD portfolio three large capacitance, a turntable is the filter capacitor of the power supply part, 2 it is d/a conversion and the subsequent op-amp filter parts, part three is the output coupling.The furthest away from the final signal output of which is the first part, the latest is the third part.So in the power supply section of the rotary table, as far as possible attention reduction rather than to modify.In high capacitance current can find the modification to sounds the least should be ROE the electrolytic capacitor, so in this link can consider to use this kind of capacitor, rather than rifa and garden.Dividing capacitance are known to have effect, different capacity can make better by the signals of different frequency, usually the capacitor is suitable for low frequency by large capacity, 12 hours capacity is suitable for high frequency through.Usually in this piece of equipment often use two pieces of 3700 u capacitance, useful also 4700 u, all the signals through the two capacitors, this leads to low frequency signal is smooth, but can appear high frequency signal attenuation, so we have to two small high-quality film capacitors in parallel, straight way for high frequency signal.