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Dingfeng Capacitor---- the Application Knowledge of Electrolytic Capacitor in the Power Supply

Issue Time:2016-06-12

In recent years, with the leapfrog development of the national economy, electric power industry has been rapid development, especially the power grid construction, the rapid growth of the load is also a sharp rise in demand for reactive power, reactive power compensation to improve the voltage quality plays an important role.Using advanced reactive power compensation device, the realization of dynamic automatic stepless adjustment of reactive power, at the same time to reduce system losses and to enhance the efficiency of the system power supply.Adopts automatic stepless compensating device of reactive power, can realize power grid reactive power automatic smooth continuous control, internal filtering circuit, ensure safe and reliable system operation.At present, the power system reactive power compensation mainly adopts the following several ways: 

Synchronous condenser: synchronous condenser early belongs to the typical representative of reactive power compensation device, it can not only compensate the reactive power of fixed, the change of reactive power can dynamically compensate.
(2) and filling device: parallel capacitor is the most widely used in the area of reactive power compensation of reactive power compensation device, but can only compensate the reactive power of fixed capacitor compensation, although the capacitance compared group for fixed capacitor compensation mode can be more effective to adapt to the dynamic changes of the load reactive power, but a capacitor compensation mode still belongs to a level of reactive power regulation, cannot achieve smooth stepless regulation of reactive power.
3. The shunt reactor: currently, the capacity of reactor used is fixed, besides absorbing system capacitive load, used to suppress overvoltage.Now have switchable shunt reactor in the development, need in such aspects as harmonics, noise, control, heat dissipation problems to be solved.
The above several ways in the power system already has years of experience in application, and achieved some results.However, in practical reactive compensation work, there are some problems in the main are:
Y compensation problem: many current electricity sector for the starting point on the compensation of reactive power compensation, not to the system delivers the reactive power, which only pay attention to the power factor compensation, not based on reduce the wastage of the network system.
Y harmonic problem: capacitor has a certain ability to resist harmonic, the harmonic content is too large will affect the life of the capacitor, and even cause premature failure of capacitor;And because the capacitor to the harmonic amplification effect, thus make the system harmonic interference is more serious.
Y reactive delivers the problem: the reactive delivers is not allowed in the power system, especially in low load, reactive delivers the high voltage.

Y voltage regulating mode of compensation equipment problems: some of the reactive power compensation device is a basis to determine the amount of reactive power for voltage, this helps to ensure the quality of the user of electricity, but it is not an option for electric power system.Because although the line voltage fluctuations mainly caused by reactive quantity change, but the line voltage level is decided by the system.When the line voltage benchmark is high or low, reactive power of the cutting quantity may be related to the actual demand.

                                                             Dingfeng Capacitor---- the Application Knowledge of Electrolytic Capacitor in the Power Supply