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Dingfeng Capacitor---How to test a CBB65 Capacitor (Part 2)

Issue Time:2016-10-13

 4. Test Capacitor (basic DEAD-OR ALIVE) using an analog multi-meter (up to 150 microfarad's)

An analog multi-meter may be used to test capacitor condition for a dead-or-alive basic test. Start by setting the meter to "Ohms" at 1k scale. Conecting the probes to each side of the capacitor's terminals (measure across the capacitor as if it were a battery), you will be watching for a specific  sequence of needle movement.Note: AC capacitors used for electric motors are non-polarized and therefore do not have a positive or negative terminal. It does not matter which terminal orientation you use to test capacitor condition.If the needle quickly starts at zero then rises in resistance as a charge builds, the test capacitor is likely still good. If the resistance falls to zero and does not climb, the capacitor is bad. If the capacitor has no continuity as in no connection across the terminals, the capacitor is also bad.

5. Test Capacitor (specific value) using a digital multi-meter

Many mid level digital multi-meters provide the ability to measure actual capacitance value of a test capacitor. Connect the probes to the capacitor's terminals, set the meter to test capacitor, and read the value displayed. Most capacitors will have a manufactured tolerance (accuracy of actual value compared to actual value) when new of +/-5% or less as compared to the marked value. Capacitors generally fall in value as they wear and should be replaced once a test capacitor has fallen below this range.

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