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DINGFENG CAPACITOR---New Yorker Electronics Now Stocks Electrocube RC Networks Resistor-Capacitor Circuits
Issue Time:2017-05-11

New Yorker Electronics has released a full series of Electrocube RC Networks Arc-Suppressing Resistor-Capacitor (RC) Circuits.


The RN networks are available in single-phase resistors, single-phase heavy duty RC filters, three-phase resistor-capacitors and three-phase heavy duty RC Networks.  The RN networks are designed to prevent or minimize the occurrenceof arcing and noise generation in relay and switch contacts.   

They are made of dielectric material and deliver maximum strength to withstand voltage.                

The arc suppressing resistor-capacitor networks have specially designed precision capacitors and resistors that are connected in a series. Spark discharges are absorbed over a wide range by accumulation characteristic and impedance of the capacitor. The RC time constant delays and averages surge voltage and oscillations.

It has a wide selection of case configurations and leads. Electrocube RC networks are made to be purchased off-the-shelf or custom designed with specifications for single-phase or three-phase applications for a range of one network to 40 networks.

The surge voltages and current energy are stored against inductively induced potentials. RC Networks are made to withstand high degrees of voltage and also are non-inductive, which ensures a high degree of protection against pulse potentials.

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