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Dingfeng Capacitor--Why do we dare to say the quality of our capacitors are better?

Issue Time:2018-05-15

Dingfeng began production of capacitors in 1989.In 28 years, we have production exported to all over the world more than 320 million capacitors. Even so,Dingfeng still developed advanced technology continuously, with international quality standard and many technical patents.

factory in the past                                                                                                          factory now

To produce quality capacitors, there must be advanced production machines.As early as 2000, Dingfeng introduced the first fully automatic winding equipment from South Korea, and in the following years, the equipment continued to innovate, aiming at the front end of the industry. Relying on advanced production equipment, production of each capacitor, it takes 9 strict working procedures, product manufacturing and inspection are quality records and data, every process can effectively track.It is worth mentioning that the capacitors produced are subjected to two rigorous tests.We sincerely ask the user to visit the product to carry out the whole process, the full performance inspection, after the product is confirmed to be qualified then shipment, Dingfeng will not let an unqualified capacitor leave the factory.

As one of the earliest capacitor manufacturers engaged in producing capacitor in China,Dingfeng was devoted to produce motor run capacitor (cbb60,cbb61,cbb65) motor starting capacitor (cd60) and power capacitor.

As Dingfeng CEO said,"My lifetime will not just for expanding the business, more important is to let employees, suppliers and customers all have win-win."we believe one day Dingfeng will exist in every corner of the world by means of reliable quality and good reputation. 

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