Dingfeng Capacitor--Summary of film capacitor selection problems
Issue Time:2018-09-21

Film capacitors need attention when selecting models:

1. Pay attention to the wiring method when selecting the film capacitor. In the case of multiple parallel use of capacitors, if the wiring method and the wiring distance are inconsistent, the temperature rise of each parallel capacitor will be different. If the temperature rise of individual capacitors is too high, the capacitor will burnout.

2. Pay attention to the rated voltage when selecting the film capacitor. The rated voltage is the voltage value applied across the capacitor that the film capacitor can operate normally, stably, and reliably for a certain period of time in the circuit. When selecting a film capacitor, a capacitor with a rated voltage slightly higher than the actual demand should be selected to ensure normal, stable and reliable use of the capacitor.

3. Pay attention to the rated current when selecting the film capacitor. If the actual required current value is larger than the allowable current value of the capacitor, the capacitor will be seriously heated. Long-term high-temperature operation will lead to a significant decrease in the life of the capacitor, which may seriously blow up or even cause combustion.

4. Pay attention to the temperature coefficient when selecting a film capacitor. The temperature coefficient is the range of ambient temperatures at which the capacitor can operate stably in the circuit. Generally, the temperature coefficient of the film capacitor ranges from -65 ° C to +250 ° C, and the capacitor with a suitable temperature coefficient can be selected according to the temperature of the working environment.

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