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Dingfeng Capacitor-- The difference between starting capacitor and running capacitor
Issue Time:2019-01-12

The starting capacitor is used to energize the starting coil of the single motor at startup and to cut off after starting.Running the capacitor is to allow the motor to compensate for capacitance during operation. So the starting capacitor can't be without, and the running capacitor can.

The double capacitor motor, the starting capacitor and the running capacitor are simultaneously serially connected to the starting coil. After the motor is started, the starting capacitor is disconnected by the disconnect switch. The running capacitor is involved with the start coil. The starting capacitor has a large capacity of about 200 microfarads. The operating capacitor capacity is about 20-30 microfarads.

Single-capacitor motors share a capacitor for phase shifting and running. After the capacitor starts the motor, it continues to participate in the operation. Its capacity is determined by the power of the motor. Generally between 8-20 microfarads.

Generally, the motor is a single capacitor, and the motor is first phase-shifted to start the motor. After starting, it becomes the running capacitor and continues to be used. The other is two capacitors with centrifugal switch for starting and running. The starting capacitor has a large capacity. After reaching a certain speed, the centrifugal switch is separated to prevent the current from being too large to burn the winding. The running capacitor is always working.


DINGFENG capacitors produce a variety of running capacitors and starting capacitor, including CBB60 capacitor, CBB61 capacitor, CBB65 capacitor, CBB80 capacitor, CD60 capacitor and so on.


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