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Dingfeng Capacitor-- 2019 capacitor development trend

Issue Time:2019-01-17

Since the development of the capacitor industry in the 1980s, and now the scale of the capacitor industry has continued to expand, China's capacitor industry has developed rapidly. After more than 20 years of continuous exploration and experimentation, film capacitor technology has become increasingly mature. This has brought new development opportunities to some emerging products, such as solar cars, electric vehicles, and energy storage welders.

Although the life of aluminum electrolytic capacitors is generally not high, aluminum electrolytic capacitors still occupy a large part of the market. This is mainly because the film capacitors are expensive compared to conventional aluminum electrolytic capacitors.


dingfeng film capacitors 


Film capacitors are gradually replacing aluminum electrolytic capacitors in technology, which will be more conducive to industrial development.

Many film capacitor manufacturers have adopted large-scale replacement of DC-Link polypropylene film capacitors to replace aluminum electrolytic capacitors. The performance can meet the requirements of the inverter "filter" capacitor. If the price of the polypropylene film capacitor at this time is not higher than that of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor bank, the alternative can achieve the performance under the same economical conditions. After replacing the aluminum electrolytic capacitor with a polypropylene film capacitor. Since the polypropylene film capacitor basically has no life limit problem, the trouble and cost increase of periodically replacing the aluminum electrolytic capacitor are avoided.

Film capacitors will replace aluminum electrolytic capacitors faster.


DINGFENG capacitors produce a variety of film capacitor,including CBB60 capacitor, CBB61 capacitor, CBB65 capacitor, CBB80 capacitor and so on.


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