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Dingfeng Capacitor--What is self-healing split-phase shunt capacitor

Issue Time:2019-04-01
What is self-healing split-phase shunt capacitor
Self-healing capacitors are characterized by self-healing performance. When dielectric breakdown occurs, short circuit current will melt and evaporate the metal film around the breakdown site, thus restoring insulation, so it has high operational reliability. The time required for self-healing after dielectric breakdown is only a few microseconds. When the weak point of dielectric inside the capacitor breaks down to form a path, an arc is formed in a very short time。
Scope of application

BSMJ self-healing low-voltage shunt capacitors are capacitor units and capacitor banks specially designed to improve the power factor of AC power system with nominal voltage below 1 kV and frequency between 15 Hz and 60 Hz.

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