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Dingfeng Capacitor -- If the appliance is broken, first check if the capacitor is damaged

Issue Time:2019-07-31

"The appliance is broken, there is always a problem with the capacitor!". Many test equipment failures are caused by electrolytic capacitor drying or tantalum capacitor failure. I changed the capacitor myself and saved a lot of money. It feels so wonderful!

The household appliances suddenly broke down, and generally there were problems with the capacitors. For example, if the fan on the top of the air conditioner compressor is not turned, it may be that the start/run capacitor has been damaged.

air conditioner capacitor

Capacitors for fans and AC compressors (since the compressor starts with a higher load under pressure, there is also a separate black start capacitor.)

If you can find exactly the same parts, don't consider those parts that are just approximate. The physical dimensions of the ferrule used to secure the capacitor are also identical.

Air conditioning condenser replaced with new capacitor

To overhaul an air conditioner that has been in use for many years, all capacitors should be replaced.


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