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Dingfeng Capacitor -- Precautions for capacitor selection in capacitor step-down power supply

Issue Time:2019-08-29

(1) After the capacitor is stepped down, it must be rectified, filtered, and stabilized by the Zener diode as shown in the figure below to obtain a voltage-stable power supply (Note: The rectifier circuit can also be half-wave rectified).


(2) The capacitor withstand voltage is preferably above 630V, and a non-polar capacitor is used, and a polar capacitor cannot be used.

(3) Connect 500K-1M bleeder resistors across the capacitor.

(4) If it is necessary to add a power switch, in order to prevent the inrush current from being connected in parallel to the load RL, as shown in the figure below.


(5) In the assembly and debugging process, use a 1:1 isolation transformer to connect to the AC220V circuit to prevent electric shock.


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