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DINGFENG CAPACITOR - - Common sense of shunt capacitor

Issue Time:2020-05-06

Shunt capacitor is a kind of power system that is frequently exchanged. Used to increase the power value and improve the quality of the voltage. Can effectively reduce the current consumption in the line. The installation environment of the shunt capacitor must be kept below 1000 altitude. For high-altitude areas, there are high-prototype capacitors specially provided for high-altitude areas. The minimum temperature of the capacitor's use range cannot exceed -25 and -40 degrees, respectively. The environment of the area where the capacitor is placed cannot exceed 50 degrees. The average temperature should not exceed 40 degrees. No harmful gas or steam dust, corrosive chemical gas powder, etc. shall exist in the surrounding environment. The installation must firmly prohibit large-scale high-frequency mechanical vibration.

     Technical parameters of shunt capacitor

     It can operate stably at a voltage of 1.1 times the set value, and some products can operate stably at a voltage of 1.15 times the set value for a long time. It can be used at a value caused by overvoltage and higher harmonics. It runs under the steady state overcurrent of 1.30 times of the set value current. For capacitors with the largest positive deviation in capacitance, the steady-state overcurrent is allowed to reach 1.43 times the rated current, and the capacitance deviation is about 5% floating up and down.

     Composition of parallel capacitors

     The capacitor is composed of a capacitor shell and the core of the capacitor. The capacitor shell is generally welded by a relatively thin steel plate, and the outlet sleeve is welded on the cover. The two sides of the capacitor are welded with connection ports, which are lifted by the crane. The core part is composed of components and insulating parts. The components are made of polypropylene film made of medium and aluminum box or polypropylene film and capacitor paper made of medium and aluminum box.

       List of capacitor models

List of models of parallel capacitors

      The role of parallel capacitors

      The parallel capacitor is connected in parallel on the system bus, similar to a capacitive load on the system bus. It absorbs the capacitive reactive power of the system, which is equivalent to the parallel capacitor sending inductive reactive power to the system. , The parallel capacitor can provide inductive reactive power to the system, the power factor of the system operation, improve the voltage level of the bus at the receiving end, it reduces the transmission of inductive reactive power on the line, reduces the voltage and power loss, thus improving the line Power transmission capacity.


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