Dingfeng Capacitor--What are the advantages of your capacitor?

Update Time:2018/3/30

Q:What are the advantages of your capacitor?

A:First of all, our factory has been making capacitors for 28 years, which is very mature for the production technology or experience of the capacitor. Moreover, our factory insists on importing machines from abroad, paying attention to the cultivation of workers, and every step is scientific and rigorous.

On the capacitor production working procedure, after metallization film cutting - winding - spray gold - strip of paper - heat styling - can assign - welding, filling and sealing machine inspection - artificial twice - packing at various stages.In the case of welding, our welding is artificial tin soldering to ensure that the welding of each capacitor is stronger. In the detection, we will also go through the second detection, first the machine detection, then the manual test to ensure the quality of each capacitor. So, our capacitors are stable enough.

In terms of service, our aim is to satisfy all your needs.

With the above advantages and reasonable price, zhejiang Dingfeng electrical appliance co., LTD will be a good partner for you.