POWER Capacitor
Notice to order
1.The rated voltage of the capacitor should be in accordance with the actual net voltage,and the increased voltage resulted from the capacitor should be taken into consideration.Usually,the actual net voltage would be much higher than the norinal voltage.If the voltage is too low,the service life of the capacitor would be greatly reduced.But it is not higher,the better because the output of the capacitor will be enormously lower down if the high voltage is chosen while the actual voltage is relatively low.
2.Do not test the capacitor is qualified or not by measuring the current. You should measure the capacitance of the capacitor.Three-phase
capacitor:the actual measured capacitance between any two ends should be half of the total capacitance,which is marked on the capacitor with the error between -5and 10%.Single-phase capacitor:the actual measured capacitance between the two ends should be equal to the total capacitance with the error between -5and 10%
3.if the capacitor is used in places of large harmonic wave,some measures of inhibiting the harmonic wave should be adopted,or the harmonic wave may become larger and may become large and may even cause resonance because of the capacitor,which would endanger the safety of the network and cause the damage to the capacitor.We can hardly see capacitors working without  a series reactor of inhibiting harmonic wave aboard.Compared with the aluminum pole capacitor,the metalized capacitor are more likely to be damaged if being used without the method of inhibiting  harmonic wave.

Designed into column type and mini structure,this product can be installed in any direction.Providing strengthened safety protection,reinforced connection terminals and reactive compensation device parts,it is the first rank product that is more suitable for the power grid.