From  Xie conglin(Quality control manager):
For 28 years, I have witnessed the growth of  Dingfeng. Although I am a lot older, my original intention has not changed, and I firmly refused to let an unqualified product go out of the factory. In 28 years, I have done it.
Photo with former CEO
Photo with present CEO
From Sherry Mao(Sales manager):
Think of 12 years ago with Dingfeng open its soil to do foreign trade, is very happy,  whether it's big order or small order, even buy a capacitor, I will be taken seriously, so now Dingfeng's products are exported to more than 76 countries and regions in the world. Of course, now and the future will not change, as long as the customer, are my friends, our entire summit will be treated sincerely.
From Fang Zhimin(CEO):
I grew up in Dingfeng's production workshop. To me, Dingfeng is more than just a brand, a label,it's flesh and blood have feelings. I most proud of  is that all Dingfeng employees, Dingfeng suppliers, Dingfeng client, together harmoniously because Dingfeng ,this is very wonderful, My lifetime will not just for expanding the business, more important is to let employees, suppliers and customers all have win-win
From we all (Dingfeng employees):
For us, Dingfeng is not only a place to work, it is also a home, a large family with over 200 people. Dingfeng has such a cohesive force, twisting all the people into a rope and moving toward a goal. Therefore, Dingfeng's future still has countless 28 years, as long as the customer needs the capacitor, Dingfeng has the meaning of existence. We all believe that Dingfeng will get better and better.