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DengFeng Capacitor Service

Starting Capacitor

Used for single motor, air conditioning refrigerator, make electricity after single motor, resulting in a large starting torque, the motor starts running.

Running Capacitor

Used for water pump, motor, fan, air conditioner, washing machine, lamp, etc., can increase the output power of single-phase load.

Power Capacitor

Applied to the power factor compensation to improve the power factor, improve the voltage quality and reduce the line loss.

CEO & Founder

Frank Fang

The capacitor ran through his life.

Frank Fang,the CEO of the company.When he was a child, the capacitor went into his life.In his youth he went further into the Japanese capacitor industry.Now, the capacitor become his career, one thing he would devote his life to.

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In 28 years, we have production exported to all over the world more than 320 million capacitors.
Producing a high quality capacitor requires 11 rigorous production steps.
15 professional business personnel provide fast and professional consulting services to customers.
After receiving the notice,Dingfeng will provide reasonable solutions within 12 hours during the warranty period .
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