1.How to choose a capacitor?

1.Confirm you technical requirement

What type do you need?

What style do you need?

What capacity do you need?

What voltage do you need?

2.Compare your requirement with out product

Tell me the quantity and any other requirement like packing and deliver,then you can choose the capacitor you want according to different parameter and prices.

2.What about packing and delivery?

"Packing and Delivery

The packing method is divided into direct packaging, the well word box packing, small carton packing, bubble wrap, etc., the general delivery time of bulk customized products is 25-30 days."

3.How about the quality of the product?

"Product Quality Commitment

1. The production and testing of products have quality records and testing materials.

2. We sincerely invite customers to check the whole process and performance of the products, and then pack and deliver the products after the products have been confirmed."

4.How about after-sales service?

"After-sales Service Commitment

1. Service purpose: quick, decisive, accurate, thoughtful and thorough.

2. Service goal: win customer satisfaction with service quality.

3. Service principle: the warranty period is 18 months.

4. Service efficiency: during the warranty period, after customer receiving the notice,Dingfeng will provide reasonable solutions within 12 hours."

5.How to do when I want a capacitor but don't know the exact model ?

"Technical Service

According to drawings and other technical documents provided by the customer ,our professional team will select the most suitable model."

 6.How do you pack your capacitors?