Dingfeng Capacitor -- What are the advantages of film capacitors?

Update Time:2018/8/10

Q: What are the advantages of film capacitors?


A: Film capacitors are widely used, such as our common air conditioners, electric fans, pumps, motors, lamps and so on. A wide range of applications are due to the many advantages of film capacitors.

1. Film capacitors The range of temperatures applicable to them is relatively wide.

2. Its long service life is long, as long as there is no damage,there will be almost no limit on the service life, and it can be used for along time.

3. Film Capacitor It is a metalized electrode that has a self-healing function and can be automatically repaired in case of small damage.

4. This device can withstand high voltages during operation without problems.

5. It has no polarity and the ESR is very low.

6. When used, its frequency of use is relatively good.

Because of these advantages, the use rate of film capacitors continues to rise. We specialize in the production of various film capacitors(CBB60, CBB61, CBB65, CBB80), and more high-quality capacitors are available in Dingfeng capacitors.



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