DINGFENG CAPACITOR - How to replace the power capacitor?

Update Time:2019/6/21

Q: DINGFENG CAPACITOR - How to replace the power capacitor?

A: First, you need to check the rated capacity and rated voltage of the damaged capacitor. Also consider the shape and position of the fixing holes when selecting capacitors.

Replacement steps:

1. Low-voltage system: separate the main switch of the device and wait for 20 minutes. Generally, there are discharge resistors inside the capacitor, and it is necessary to remove the capacitor with protective gloves.

High voltage system: Stop circuit breaker contactor. Break the circuit breaker of the control capacitor cabinet. Split capacitor cabinet isolation switch. After discharging the capacitor with the discharge rod, hang the ground wire.

2. Replace with the same voltage level and capacity capacitor. There is electricity on the main switch (low voltage system) to have a person to monitor you.

3. If the capacity of the replaced capacitor becomes larger, the shunt switch and the large-line cable must be replaced.

4. After the capacitor is replaced, check the screw condition. Use a shaker and a multimeter to check the insulation and whether there is a short circuit.


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