What is the difference between CBB60 and CBB65 capacitors?

Update Time:2019/9/18

Q: What is the difference between CBB60 and CBB65 capacitors?

A: Both CBB60 and CBB65 capacitors are polypropylene film capacitors, but there are some differences in concept and function.

CBB60 capacitors are mostly used in AC motors to maintain the operation of the motor. The material is mostly plastic. The CBB65 capacitor is the motor running capacitor. The material is usually aluminum and the shape is round or oval.

The CBB60 capacitor is suitable for the start and operation of a 50/60Hz AC power supply unidirectional motor. It has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, low price, low loss and good self-healing effect. The CBB65 capacitor is used in the 50/60HZ AC power supply, which is an important component of the air conditioner compressor, which helps the compressor to start and run.

These two capacitors have their own different characteristics and can be selected according to their different needs.


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