The most basic parameters of capacitance?

May 6,2016

The basis of capacitance parameters:

1, the pressure value and capacity

Pressure: capacitance in circuit continuous work, can withstand the highest voltage.
Capacity: capacitor's ability to store charge capacity, the more the greater the capacity of the storage charge, whereas the less.
Ex. :
A: capacitance identification: 25 v, 1300 uf, said 25 v voltage, capacity of 1300 uf
B: capacitance identification: 16 v, 2200 uf, said the resistance of 16 v, capacity of 2200 uf
C: non-polar capacitor id: 100, said the capacity of 100 pf
D: non-polar capacitor identification: 0.01, 0.01 uF said capacity

2, capacitive reactance:
Capacitance of alternating current (ac) presents a different special effect for capacitive reactance, the frequency is inversely proportional to the capacitive reactance, the higher the frequency capacitive reactance is smaller, so the capacitance is high frequency Yin the characteristics of low frequency.When frequency must be, the capacity is inversely proportional to the capacitive reactance, the greater the capacity of the capacitive reactance of the smaller, the smaller the capacity of the greater the capacitive reactance.When the frequency is zero, that is, direct current (dc) should the capacitive reactance for infinity.