Polypropylene capacitors

May 13,2016

Polypropylene capacitors use metal foil as the electrode, after overlapping with polypropylene film from both ends, it winds into the structure of the cylinder and a capacitor comes into being. Besides the advantages of nonpolarity and high insulation resistance, Polypropylene capacitors also have excellent frequency characteristic (broad frequency response), and its dielectric loss is very small.

Because of the above advantages, the film capacitor is widely used in analog circuit.Especially in the part of signal coupling, we must use capacitor with good frequency characteristic and low dielectric loss, to ensure the less occurrence of the big distortion during the signal transmission. With high dielectric constantance, small size, large capacity and better stability, they are suitable for the bypass capacitor.

Polystyrene film capacitor, though possessing small dielectric loss, high insulation resistance, the temperature coefficienence is big. Besides, the capacitor can be used in high frequency circuit, it is safe and reliable. In addition,this product has good self-healing performance, long-service life, which are widely used in air conditioners, refrigerators, electrical and lighting lamps and lanterns, etc.