Function of aluminum capacitor

May 28,2016


    Power supply circuit, rectifier circuit communication into pulsating dc, and after rectifying circuit connected to a larger capacity of the electrolytic capacitor, use of the charge and discharge characteristics, make rectification after pulsating dc voltage into a relatively stable dc voltage.In practice, in order to prevent the circuit of each part of the power supply voltage changes due to load changes, so in the output of the power and the power input end of the load average dozens to hundreds of micro method of electrolytic capacitor.

    Due to the large capacity of general has certain inductance electrolytic capacitor, the high frequency and pulse interference signal cannot be effectively filter, so the parallel connection at both ends with a capacity of 0.001-0. LpF of capacitance, to filter out high frequency and pulse interference. The coupling effect: in the low frequency signal transmission and amplification process, in order to prevent the two levels of static working point of the circuit before and after the mutual influence, often using capacitive coupling. In order to prevent signal rhyme in the low frequency component loss is too big, generally adopt large capacity electrolytic capacitor.