Dingfeng Capacitor---Prevention Measures of Power Capacitor Explosion

Jun 13,2016

In low voltage power system, the use of electric power capacitor is to improve the power factor of system, reducing reactive power loss.Power capacitor _ the damage happened in explosion accidents occurred frequently, even light distribution equipment damage, or destruction of buildings and cause fire.

Preventive measures
1. Under normal circumstances, each phase of the capacitor current through RMS for I = V/WC, can according to the size of the power flow, by 1.5 to 2 times, with the fast fuse.If capacitance is punctured, the fuse will melt quickly and cut off the power and protect the capacitor will not continue to generate heat.
2. Install ammeter in compensation on each phase, ensure each phase current difference not more than + / - 5%, if discover the imbalance, immediately run out, check the capacitor.
3. Monitor the rise of temperature of the condenser.
4. To strengthen the inspection of capacitor Banks.
Capacitor current partial usually has the following phenomena: the wires of a capacitor casing parts in oil leakage;Capacitor drum belly.Some capacitance no oil leakage, drum abdomen phenomenon will occur.Found that the above situation, the capacitors shall run out, in case of explosions.
                                                                       Dingfeng Capacitor---Prevention Measures of Power Capacitor Explosion