Dingfeng Capacitor---The Polypropylene film capacitors

Jun 22,2016

Polypropylene film capacitors are metal foil as the electrode, after its overlapping and polypropylene film from both ends, the capacitor winding into the structure of the cylinder. Polypropylene film capacitor with polyester capacitor:same polarity, high insulation resistance, excellent frequency characteristic(broad frequency response), and the dielectric loss is very small. Based on the above advantages, so the polypropylene film capacitor is widely used in analog circuit . Especially in the part of signal coupling, must use good frequency characteristic and low dielectric loss of capacitor, to ensure that the signal transmission, does not have the too big distortion occurs. High dielectric constant, small size, large capacity, better stability, suitable for the bypass capacitor .

The structure of polypropylene film capacitor:

Polypropylene film capacitory is belongs to organic film capacitor adopts single polypropylene film as medium, surface by high voltage and induced resistant performance good steamed metallized as conductive electrode. Winding shaping of capacitory core with epoxy resin coating or in plastic and metal shell encapsulation .Madeof metal film electrode type polypropylene capacitors called metallized polypropylene film capacitor.

Polypropylene film capacitor has the following features:

(1)   Capacitory range is wider, can range from thousands of skin to dozens of micro method.

(2)   Good temperature resistance,high insulation resistance.

(3)   Metallized polypropylene film capacitor is good self-healing capability.

(4)   Small loss tangent value, good frequency characteristic.

(5)   Small volume, reliable operation.

Polypropylene film capacitor is widely used in low-voltage distribution network of reactive power compensation, such as construction, industrial construction, urban power grids, rural power grids transform, such as stable voltage, reduce the line loss, improve power factor, to save energy. Changed the traditional reactive power compensation device is bulky and heavy structure mode. Save more cost and maintenance more conveniently.

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