Dingfeng Capacitor---How to test a CBB65 capacitor (Part 1)

Jun 29,2016

1. Dis-connect power to test capacitor

Start by making the motor safe to test by disconnecting power. Ideally, the unit should be unplugged, but shutting off 

a circuit breaker or disconnect may be adequate provided it can be locked out against accidental re-engagement.

The test capacitor procedure must only be carried out after it has been verified that power is no longer present.

2. Check for residual voltage at test capacitor

Whenever you plan to test capacitor condition or electrical value, it is a vital practice to remove any residual power

that may still be stored. Using the metal blade of a screwdriver with an insulated handle will allow you to discharge 

any stored voltage by simply shorting the terminals of the capacitor. The test capacitor may emit a spark and a pop

sound upon discharge. This is normal.

3. Remove test capacitor from the circuit

You'll need to remove the capacitor from the circuit before performing a test. Disconnect one or both terminals

 from the motor to the test capacitor to remove it from the circuit. Disconnecting only one side will perform the 

desired result but leaves the capacitor dangling from the motor, making probing a little more difficult.

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