Dingfeng Capacitor---Capacitor Funcition

Aug 31,2016

                              Dingfeng Capacitor--- Capacitor Funcition

Capacitors store electric energy when they are connected to a battery or some other charging circuit. They are commonly placed in electronic components and are used to maintain a power supply while the device is unplugged and without a battery for a short time. The energy within the capacitor prevents the loss of data, with an example being the RAM of a computer.The capacitor contains two metallic plates that are separated by some form of insulation. The plates store the energy until it is needed.
There are different types of capacitors:
Axial electrolyc: small, low voltage, general purpose capacitor
High voltage disk ceramic: small size with high tolerance
High voltage electrolyc: used in power supplies
Metalized polypropylene: small size, good for up to 2 microfarad
Multi-layer: surface mount, high capacitance
The capacitance refers to the amount of storage capacity available. Capacitance is usually measured in the farad unit, which is the equivalent of one coulomb per volt. A coulomb is the unit of electrical charge. Both farad and coulomb are identified as standards by the International System of Units. For the capacitors in household electrical components, the capacitance can be measured in microfarad.


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