Dingfeng Capacitor----Difference Between Start and Run Capacitor

Sep 13,2016

                         Dingfeng Capacitor----Difference Between Motor Start and Run Capaictor

The Start Capacitor

Air conditioners tend to use a lot of energy starting up, as the motor needs to get up to speed very quickly in order for the system to do its job. The start capacitor carries a large charge for that to happen, deployed in a short-term burst, and ensuring that there’s no problems with the system starting up. When start capacitors fail, the system usually refuses to turn on at all.

The Run Capacitor

Once the system is up and running, the fan motor still needs a charge to keep operating. That’s the duty of the run capacitor. It uses a much lower charge than the start capacitor, since running a system requires a lot less energy than getting up to speed, but it must to so continuously in order for the system to do its job. When run capacitors fail, the system engages is short cycling: turning on and off rapidly many times throughout the day and wasting a huge amount of energy in the process.

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