Dingfeng Capacitor----What is the application about our capacitors (Part 2)

Jul 12,2017
What is the application about our capacitors (Part 2)
As one of the earliest capacitor manufacturers for over 28 years in China. Dingfeng capactor is specialized in producing AC motor capacitors (including CBB60, CBB61, CBB65, CBB80, CD60) and power capacitors. We imported many advanced equipment and adopted strict testings to achieve the high quality capacitor. 
This range of capacitor is suitable for fluorescent lamps, high or low-pressure sodium lamps, mercury lamps and metal halide lamps functioned as power factor compensation. They are constructed with self healing metalized polyprolene dielectric. 
An attractive feature is the quicl fit addition to the mould case.
Lamp capacitor or light capacitor is ideally energy-saving lighting capacitor, is non-inductively would with metalizated polypropylene film as the dielectric/electrode with encapsulated in a plastic/electrode with encapsulated in a plastic/aluminum case sealed with epoxy resin 
This kind of capacitors are developed and researched according to standard if American Electronics Association(ANSI/EIA-463). The external case of the capacitor is make of bakelite plasticized that its characiter are not only good insulating resistance and strong resisrance damaged but also protecting electro-liquid as good sealed feature. It's popular used for the super AC application as good life higher degree of reliability and stability.
The motor start capacitor is range of AC electrolytic capacitors. There capacitor are most often used to provide the torque necessary to start AC motor and in other intermittent AC applications.
As one of the earliest capacitor manufacturers engaged in producing capacitor for over 28 years in china , we believe one day Dingfeng Capacitor will exist in every corner of the world by means of its reliable quality and good reputation. By the way,Dingfeng sincerely welcomes all the friend to visit our company and hopes to have a good communication and double-win partnership with all of you cause Dingfeng capacitor is always on the way to be better! Your views are the driving forces of Dingfeng! I hereby on behalf of all the members of Dingfeng, thank all of you for the long-term supporting and concerning of our growth.

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