DINGFENG CAPACITOR---Capacitor data sheet

May 6,2017

Now, there comes the peak sales season for capacitors.

Recent days, Dingfeng got a sample order about a customized capacitor.

They are one of the leading manufacturers of cutting tools for industry, construction and the professional woodworker in Italy. Their products are sold to over 55 countriesRecently, they want to exploit the European capacitor market. So they want find a professional capacitor manufacturer with high quality and competitive price .

Dingfeng capacitor As one of the earliest capacitor manufacturers for over 28 years in China is very honored to been chosen by them.

Yesterday,we sent the professional data sheet to them about the capacitor which they interested in (16uf 0.75cable with iron bottom).

From this experience, if other customers want a data sheet about any capacitors. please contact us and we will send the data sheets soon.

capacitor data sheet

ac motor running capacitor: http://www.dfcapacitor.com/products2062600/Ac-motor-running-capacitor.htm

fan capacitor: http://www.dfcapacitor.com/products2062602/Fan-capacitor.htm

air conditioner capacitor:http://www.dfcapacitor.com/products2062601/Air-condition-capacitor.htm

Lighting capacitor:http://www.dfcapacitor.com/products2062606/

Lighting-capacitor.htmStarting capacitor:http://www.dfcapacitor.com/products2062603/Motor-starting-capacitor.htm

power capacitor: http://www.dfcapacitor.com/products2062604/power-capacitor.htm



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