Dingfeng Capacitor---How does a start capacitor start motor?(Part 2)

Dec 7,2017
Dingfeng Capacitor---How does a start capacitor start motor?(Part 2)

How Does Start Capacitor Help Start Motor - Illustrated

In the illustration above imagine you have a wheel and a stick. The wheel and stick on the left you are going to push straight down. Or apply pressure straight down on the wheel. How easy do you think it will be to turn that wheel by pushing straight down on it? Now see the illustration on the right. Imagine you put the stick at an angle and then push the wheel.

Consequently, the wheel will roll far easier rather than pushing straight down. That is how a motor capacitor works in the motor circuit. It changes the phase angle of the EMF, therefore, giving it a boost and making the motor more efficient. Whether is has a start capacitor or run capacitor both change the phase angle to help the motor. As illustrated above. I hope I answered your question about How Does Start Capacitor Help Start Motor.

How Does Start Capacitor Help Start Motor Recap:

  • ● A shaded pole electric motor does not use a run or start capacitor,
  • ● Shaded pole motors are inefficient.
  • ● PSC motors are used extensively in HVAC.
  • ● PSC Motors can be replaced with the more efficient variable speed ECM Motor.
  • ● Run capacitors help the PSC run more efficiently.
  • ● Start capacitors help the motor start.
  • ● A potential or current relay takes the start capacitor out of the circuit after start-up.
  • ● Capacitors change the phase angle of the EMF.
  • ● Changing the phase angle gives the motor a better boost (see illustration above).
  • ● Finally, a 3-phase motor does not use capacitors.

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