Dingfeng Capacitor--- How we choose a capacitor?

Jan 4,2018
How we choose a capacitor---Some information on choosing a capacitor

      The completed installation and fixing Provide the necessary mechanical strength, excellent electrical contact and the absence of resonant phenomena. Their accessories (for fastening) should not damage the body and protective coatings, and also worsen the conditions for heat removal. Never use capacitors of doubtful origin (for example, electrolytic, performed poorly can explode). It is necessary to pay attention to the convenience of installation and the presence of protection of the output contacts from accidental closure. 
      Radio amateurs choose capacitors by their Capacities and operating voltages. But there are other characteristics that you need to pay attention to. Capacitors do not yet have ideal parameters, so they have properties such as ESR (Effective Series Resistance) - equivalent series resistance and ESI (Effective Series Inductance) - equivalent serial inductance. Their capacity is influenced by temperature, stress, mechanical influences. If the capacitor is not selected correctly, there may be an increased current consumption and an increased noise level, an unstable operation of the entire structure.

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