Dingfeng capacitor--How to improve management?

Mar 28,2018

As an expert in producing capacitors, it is necessary to continuously improve management in addition to ensuring product quality.

According to the product structure of the Dingfeng, the process flow of various products, quality status, delivery compliance, plan to achieve, propose concrete improvement plan.


In the past, each process was independent. Although the division of labor was clear, it took a long time.Now assemble - test - package and other procedures parallel operationthe real realization of smoothness, eliminate the intermediate in the product inventory, and save the site area, reduce the transport, shorten the production cycle time;


Strengthen the environmental management in the workshop,The site of each floor is the center of logistics, and the management of fixed location of various materials on site.The material rack, the layout adjustment of the transport platform, makes the logistics in the workshop smooth, and the carrying path is rationalized;

It is worth mentioning that the production efficiency of starting capacitors increased by 27%, and the efficiency of running capacitance increased by 40%, and the defective rate in the project was reduced to 0.07%.

Dingfeng capacitance, the control quality everywhere, from the details of the professional.