Dingfeng Capacitor-- Type and use of capacitor

Aug 8,2018

There are many classification method and types of capacitors.Based on the material properties of capacitors, they can be divided into thefollowing categories:


1. aluminum electrolytic capacitor

The capacitance range is from 0.1μF to 22000μF. It is thebest choice for high ripple current, long life and large capacity. It is widelyused in power supply filtering and decoupling.


2. film capacitor

The capacitance range is from 0.1pF to 10μF, with smalltolerances, high capacity stability and extremely low piezoelectricity, it isthe first choice for X, Y safety capacitors and EMI/EMC.


3.Tantalum capacitor

Capacitance ranges from 2.2μF to 560μF, low equivalent seriesresistance (ESR), and low equivalent series inductance (ESL). Pulsatingabsorption, transient response and noise suppression are superior to aluminumelectrolytic capacitors, making them ideal for highly stable power supplies.


4. ceramic capacitor

The capacitance range is from 0.5pF to 100μF, the uniquematerials and crystallization of thin film technology cater to today's"lighter, thinner, more energy efficient" design philosophy.


5. super capacitor

The capacitance range is from 0.022F to 70F. The mainfeatures are: high capacitance, good charge / discharge characteristics,suitable for electrical energy storage and power backup. The disadvantage isthat the withstand voltage is low and the operating temperature range isnarrow.



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