Dingfeng Capacitor-- Film capacitor demand grows steadily

Aug 14,2018

The film capacitor is often used in analog circuits with acertain power because of its advantages of non-polarity, good stability, strongpulse resistance and high frequency characteristics.

Film capacitors are widely used in new energy vehicles, homeappliances, wind power photovoltaics, lighting, and industrial.

The field of new energy vehicles is emerging, and medium andlong-term growth can be expected. Compared with electrolytic capacitors, filmcapacitors have superior performance and can better meet the demands ofcapacitors for new energy vehicles. The application of thin film capacitors innew energy vehicles will become a trend. Overcoming the disadvantages of highcost and large volume, the film capacitor has a great probability for use innew energy vehicles.

The film capacitors in new energy vehicles are mainly used inmotor control systems and 48V start-stop systems (hybrid). With the growth ofdomestic new energy vehicles and the increase in sales of A-class passengervehicles and the increasing volume of foreign customers, high growth in thefield of new energy vehicles is expected in the next few years.

Dingfeng capacitors are professionalmanufacturers of various film capacitors. It includes various models such asCBB60, CBB61, CBB65, CBB80, and others.


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