Dingfeng Capacitor-- The reason for the electrolytic capacitor explosion

Aug 18,2018

There are many reasons for capacitor explosion,such as the current is greater than the allowable steady-state current, the operating voltage exceeds the operating voltage, the reverse voltage, and the frequent charge and discharge. But the most direct reason is the high temperature. We know that an important parameter of the electrolytic capacitor is the temperature resistance value, which refers to the boiling point of the electrolyte inside the capacitor. When the internal temperature of the capacitor reaches the boiling point of the electrolyte, the electrolyte begins to boil, the pressure inside the capacitor rises, and when the pressure exceeds the end of the venting port, the slurry collapses. Therefore, temperature is the direct cause of capacitor explosion.


Capacitor design has a service life of approximately 20,000 hours and is also greatly affected by ambient temperature.The lifetime of the capacitor decreases with increasing temperature.Experiments have shown that for every 10 °C increase in ambient temperature,the life of the capacitor is halved. The main reason is that the temperature accelerates the chemical reaction and the medium deteriorates with time, so the life of the capacitor is terminated.

In order to ensure the stability of the capacitor, the capacitor must pass the long-term high temperature environment test before inserting the board. Even at 100 ° C, high quality capacitors can operate for thousands of hours. At the same time, the life of the capacitor we mentioned refers to the capacitance of the capacitor does not exceed 10% of the standard range change during use.

Therefore, in a short period of time, the normal use of the board capacitor is explode, which is a problem with the quality of the capacitor. In addition, in the case of abnormal use, it is also possible to explode the capacitor.


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