Dingfeng Capacitor-- Analysis of the Development Status of China's Capacitor Industry in 2018

Aug 23,2018

Capacitors are one of the three major electronic components and are indispensable basic components in electronic circuits, accounting for about 40% of all electronic components. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors occupy more than 30% of the market due to their excellent performance and low price.

Market share of various types of capacitors     Aluminum electrolytic capacitors account for the proportion of applications

                            Market share of various types of capacitors                              Aluminum electrolytic capacitors account for the proportion of applications

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are widely used downstream, mainly in the fields of consumer electronics, communications and automobiles. Among them, consumer electronics accounted for 45%. From the perspective of downstream sub-sectors, most industries are growing stably, and new energy vehicles and new energy power generation are expected to become major growth points for future demand.

Affected by the tightening of environmental protection and the rising cost of upstream materials such as aluminum foil and aluminum casing, since the beginning of this year, domestic aluminum electrolytic capacitor companies have raised their prices, and the price increase is about 10%. At the same time, overseas high-end capacitor companies have begun to raise prices. As capacitors account for a relatively low cost of downstream products, while downstream consumer products account for a relatively high proportion, current downstream companies are more likely to accept capacitor prices, and capacitor prices are expected to keep rising.


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