Dingfeng Capacitor - The use of CBB61 capacitors in motor starting and operation

Oct 13,2018

CBB61 capacitor is a polypropylene capacitor, which is a starting and running capacitor for single-phase motors commonly used in AC mains power supply. We call this the starting capacitor. In electric water pumps,various AC fans, AC exhaust fans, and even in motors such as washing machines and refrigerators. Its rated voltage ranges from 200 VAC to 660 VAC, and its nominal capacity ranges from 0.5 uF to 14 uF. The dimensions are also available in different sizes, such as length, width and height, to suit different occasions.

cbb61 capacitor

The way to extract the CBB61 capacitor is the lead-out and the wire lead-out. The wire is led out with two wires leading out. The inserts are separated into single inserts and double inserts.

CBB61 capacitors are cheap, have low losses, and have a good self-healing effect, so they are used in many ways.


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