Dingfeng Capacitor-- Basic characteristics of capacitors

Nov 8,2018

(1) Capacitors can store charge and have the function of blocking DC


When the two plates of the capacitor are respectively connected to the positive and negative electrodes of the DC power supply, positive and negative charges are accumulated on the two electrode plates of the capacitor, and a voltage is formed between the two plates. As the charge on the plates of the capacitor increases, the voltage across the capacitor also increases from small to small. When the voltage on the capacitor is equal to the DC supply voltage, no current will flow through the circuit and the charging process will stop. This is the charging effect of the capacitor.If the DC power supply is disconnected from the capacitor, the capacitor is stored on the capacitor.

After the charge is stored on the capacitor,the capacitor plates are separated by an insulating medium. Although there is a voltage across the capacitor, the charge cannot pass between the electrodes.Therefore, the capacitor has the function of blocking DC.


(2) AC can “pass” capacitors


If the capacitor is connected to the AC circuit,the capacitor is alternately charged due to the constant change in the magnitude and direction of the AC voltage, and the discharge is repeated. At this time, there is still no charge passing between the two plates of the capacitor, but in the AC circuit, an alternating current whose direction and size are constantly changing is formed. Just as a capacitor can pass AC, this is the reason that AC can “pass” the capacitor.


(3) Capacitive reactance of capacitor


Capacitors have a special resistance characteristic to alternating current, called capacitive reactance.



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