Dingfeng Capacitor-- DINGFENG capacitor CEO visits the customer factory

Nov 22,2018

DINGFENG capacitors produce and sell various types of capacitor components and are exported to many countries and regions. Every year, DINGFENG capacitor CEO will visit important customers and communicate face-to-face with customers.

In November of this year, Mr. Fang, CEO of DINGFENG Capacitor, began to visit customers all over the world. Including countries in Asia, Africa and Europe.

The DINGFENG capacitor CEO also visited the customer's pump factory. This is a great company. The quality of the factory products is very good, and each process is very detailed. The company pays great attention to the quality of the products, so we chose to cooperate with the DINGFENG capacitors that also pay attention to quality. The company has more staff to send yogurt drinks to the front line workers. This is to remove excessive metal dust inhaled by workers.

Customers said they are very satisfied with the cooperation with DINGFENG capacitors. DINGFENG capacitor is also a very good company, the product quality is very good, the service is also very good. Hope and DINGFENG capacitors can continue to maintain friendly relations.


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