Dingfeng Capacitor-- The cause of the explosion accident of the capacitor

Dec 5,2018

The main reason for the capacitor being damaged due to malfunction is that:

1. The internal components of the capacitor break down due to poor manufacturing quality and the like.

2. Insulation due to poor casing sealing and reduced insulation resistance.

3. Due to oil leakage, oil leakage, oil surface drop, resulting in discharge or component breakdown of the outer casing.

4. Internal free and belly. When corona,breakdown discharge and severe detachment occur inside the capacitor. Under the action of overvoltage, the capacitor accelerates the aging of the insulation and decomposes to generate gas. As a result, the pressure of the casing increases, causing the outer drum of the casing to cause an explosion.

dingfeng capacitor

5. Insulation damage. Especially when the high-voltage side lead wire is poorly manufactured, the edge is uneven, there is burr or severely folded, the tip is prone to corona. Corona causes the oil to decompose, the casing expands, and the oil level drops, causing component breakdown. In addition, at the time of capping, if the welding time at the corner is too long, the internal insulation is destroyed and the breakdown voltage is lowered. It is also easy to cause damage to the capacitor, which may cause an explosion accident.

6. When the live closing is performed, at the moment of closing, the polarity of the voltage may be opposite to the polarity of the residual charge of the capacitor, causing an explosion.

7. Poor ventilation, excessive temperature rise, severe overvoltage and voltage harmonic components, can also cause an explosion.


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