Dingfeng Capacitor-- Determinants of capacitor insulation performance

Jan 14,2019

With the same type of capacitor and the same manufacturing process, the larger the capacitance of the product, the smaller the insulation resistance. When the capacitance is large, the insulation resistance is mainly determined by the insulation properties of the medium.When the capacitance is small, or the capacity is large but the surface is wet or anvil, the insulation resistance is mainly determined by the surface condition of the capacitor.

The resistivity and dielectric constant of the dielectric material itself determine the time constant of the capacitor, so this is independent of geometry and capacity.

When producing capacitors, there are corrosive gases and moisture in the air. The reaction of these materials with the material in the capacitor affects the performance of the entire capacitor. So from the beginning to the end of the manufacture of the capacitor, it needs to be kept clean. This will require higher capacitor manufacturing processes. A perfect production system is required to ensure the quality of capacitor products.


 DINGFENG capacitor


DINGFENG capacitors produce a variety of capacitor,including CBB60 capacitor, CBB61 capacitor, CBB65 capacitor, CBB80 capacitor,CD60 capacitor and so on.


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