Dingfeng Capacitor--How to Diagnose and Repair Your Air Conditioner (A/C) Capacitor

Mar 26,2019

How to Diagnose and Repair Your Air Conditioner (A/C) Capacitor

 it's a hot day in the summer sun. The family is coming over this weekend and you're very busy making all the necessary arrangements, when suddenly the A/C quits working. Perfect timing, right?

Well, before you call the local HVAC technician to come fix the unit, and re-allocate the money you were going to spend on burgers, take a quick look. Perhaps you're about to luck out by making a simple repair that will only cost you a few dollars and take very little time. It's also helpful to find out whether your air conditioner is still under warranty, in case you want to replace it later on.

If you need to fix it right away, you won't need any special tools, and you may not have to rearrange your entire day. Just a few minutes, a couple of tools you likely have around the house, and these instructions could save you a significant amount of money while keeping your family gathering right on track.

What is the Capacitor

Capacitors are small cylindrical objects that store energy. They either send a jolt to start a motor or send jolts to keep a motor running. They work with the compressor, the blower motor, and the outside fan in your air conditioner.
A simple Trick to test if the capacitor is working

If the A/C is humming but the fan is not turning, find yourself a long skinny stick. Gently slide the stick through the fan grate and give one of the fan blades a gentle push, to see if the fan will spin. If the fan takes off on its own and keeps going, you very likely have a bad start capacitor.

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