Dingfeng Capacitor--Application of CBB61 Capacitor in Motor Start-up and Operation

May 20,2019
                           Application of CBB61 Capacitor in Motor Start-up and Operation

CBB61 is a kind of CBB capacitor. CBB61 means polypropylene capacitor. 61 is its model. It is a starting and running capacitor of single-phase motor commonly used in AC power supply. We call it starting capacitor (sometimes called capacitor). In electric pumps, various AC fans, AC exhaust fans, even in washing machines, refrigerators and other motors also need to be used, as well as the operation of the motor, its rated voltage varies from 200 VAC to 660 VAC, nominal capacitance varies from 0.5uF to 14uF, size in different situations, as shown below, this is only part of it.
As shown in the figure, CBB61 capacitor is with lead, that is to say, two wires are drawn out. This is for easy installation on the product. The capacity is 1.2uF, the error is (+5%). The rated voltage is 450VAC. It can be used at 50/60HZ. 40/70/21 indicates the climatic category. That is to say, 40/70 is the working temperature range of capacitor in -40 degrees - +70%. Between degrees, 21 means 21 days for constant humidity and heat test. This kind of capacitor is inexpensive, has little loss, and has good key self-healing effect, so it can be applied in many aspects.