Dingfeng Capacitor-- What is the Role of Capacitor in AC and DC Circuit?

May 23,2019
                                      What is the Role of Capacitor in AC and DC Circuit?

Role of Capacitor in AC Circuits:In an AC circuit, capacitor reverses its charges as the current alternates and produces a lagging voltage (in other words, capacitor provides leading current in AC circuits and networks)

What is a Capacitor?
The capacitor is a two terminal electrical device used to store electrical energy in the form of electric field between the two plates. It is also known as a condenser and the SI unit of its capacitance measure is Farad “F”, where Farad is a large unit of capacitance, so they are using microfarads (µF) or nanofarads (nF) nowadays.

A capacitor is similar to a battery, as both stores electrical energy. A capacitor is a much simpler device that can’t produce new electrons, but stores them. Inside the capacitor the terminals connected with the two metal plates separated by dielectric material (such as waxed paper, mica, and ceramic), that separate the plates and allows them to hold opposite electrical charges maintaining electrical field.

Capacitors can be useful for storing charge and quickly discharging into the load. In a simple way, a capacitor also work as a small rechargeable battery.