Dingfeng Capacitor -- What is a CBB65 capacitor used for?

Aug 3,2019

This be a particular model number of a series of "run capacitor" for single-phase AC (alternating current) motors. A motor capacitor is used to create a rotating magnetic field in the motor by phase-shifting (delaying) the current in one of the coils. A run capacitor is in use whenever the motor is running, unlike a start capacitor which is only switched into the circuit to provide extra torque when the motor is starting. Unlike start capacitors, which are often electrolytic, run capacitors are often metallized film capacitors due to their better durability.


Although "AC" above stands for "alternating current," air conditioners are a common application of these capacitors since they often use multiple single-phase AC motors (for the compressor and one or more fans).


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