Dingfeng Capacitor -- How to Test Motor Start and Motor Run Capacitor

Aug 17,2019

In this video, I have tested a 440VAC 30 MFD start capacitor by using 4 different methods. So that if you don't have a Capacitance meter, still you can test the capacitors.

01:13  [1st method:]

In the first method, I have tested the start capacitor without using any multimeter. If you don't have the multimeter or any small DC source then you can use this method. But you have to take proper safety precautions.

03:22  [2nd method:]

In this method, I have used a 20 volt DC source to charge the capacitor,

and a small DC load to discharge it.

04:37  [3rd method:]

In the 3rd method, I have used a multi-meter that has ohm scale, to test the start capacitor. with the above 3 methods, you can check the charging and discharging of the capacitor.

06:24  [4th method:]

In the last method, I have used a multimeter that has capacitance (Farad) scale to test the capacitor. This is the most accurate method for testing the capacitor.


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