Dingfeng Capacitor -- Start capacitor replacement considerations

Oct 23,2019

1. Dispose of the faulty capacitor or replace it after disconnecting the capacitor from the power supply. Disconnect the switch or unplug the plug and discharge the capacitor.


2. After the capacitor is discharged, some residual charge will be released. A manual discharge should be performed again.


3. Connect the grounding terminal of the grounding wire first when discharging. Then discharge the capacitor several times with the grounding rod until there is no discharge spark and discharge sound. Then fix the grounding terminal.


4. Poor lead contact, internal disconnection or fuse blow may occur due to faulty capacitors. Therefore, some of the charge may not be exhausted. Therefore, the maintenance personnel should wear insulated gloves before touching the faulty capacitor. Short-circuit the faulty capacitors with a short-circuit line before disassembling and replacing them.


5. For the use of multiple capacitors in series, discharge should also be performed separately.



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