Dingfeng Capacitor -- How to measure the fan capacitance?

Oct 31,2019

To measure the capacitor of the electric fan, there are generally three ways:


1, using a digital capacitance meter to measure

Connect the positive and negative hands of the capacitance meter to the positive and negative terminals of the capacitor. The value is close to or equal to the nominal value of the capacitor housing, indicating that the capacitor is normal; if the value is significantly lower than the nominal capacity of the capacitor housing, the capacitor is damaged.


2, using the pointer multimeter measurement

Rotate the knob switch of the pointer multimeter to the K range, and use the Hands to contact the positive and negative poles of the capacitor to observe whether the capacitor is discharging.


If the pointer is quickly swung to the right and then slowly retracted to the left, the capacitor is generally good; if the pointer is not turned back, the capacitor has broken down; if the pointer is swung, they gradually return to a certain position. If the position is stopped, the capacitor has leaked; if the pointer does not swing, the capacitor electrolyte has dried up and lost capacity.


3, short circuit method

Connect the capacitor that is not short-circuited to the 220V jack to charge the capacitor first. Then connect the two wires of the capacitor. If you hear a click, and you see an electric spark, the capacitor is good. The larger the capacity, the louder the sound and the bigger the spark. Otherwise, the capacitor is bad.



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