Dingfeng Capacitor -- How to determine the reactive power compensation capacity

Dec 7,2019

When configuring a reactive power compensation device, many people often don't know. How much capacity is needed to configure a reactive power compensation device?

There are two methods to calculate the reactive power compensation capacity:


(1) Estimated according to transformer capacity

The conventional design is 20% ~ 40% of the transformer capacity, generally 30%. For example, 1000KVA transformer compensates 300Kvar, 1600KVA compensates 480Kvar or 500Kvar, and 2000KVA compensates 600Kvar.


(2) Calculate by looking up the "Reactive Compensation Capacity Calculation Coefficient Table"

If there are details of the equipment load. If there is active power (P), load condition, running power factor (cosφ1) and target power factor (cosφ2) to be compensated, the actual required compensation capacity of the system can be directly calculated.

According to the above several conditions, combined with the goal you want to achieve, you can calculate the precise reactive power that needs to be compensated by looking up the table.

Take an example to illustrate:

Assume that the load of the factory is 500kw, the power factor before compensation cosφ1 = 0.5, and the target power factor to be compensated cosφ2 = 0.92, then the coefficients can be queried according to the "reactive compensation capacity calculation coefficient table". (0.5,0.92)=1.31. The required compensation capacity = 500 × 1.31 = 655kvar.



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